I have strong opinions on various matters. You should hear me arguing a point against myself in the mirror and you might then believe me. For me, however, presenting some arguments in front of an audience is quite difficult. Arguing for or against a matter is different on paper and in real life. I find it easier to write down what I think rather than talk it out with someone, a habit I am trying to outgrow. However, what is the point of writing these opinions down in a personal diary if no one is ever going to read it?

I recently finished reading ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ Anne Frank and my major takeaway was that you have no idea how much difference you make with just your viewpoint. The book itself got me through the first outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Anne’s diary, though tragic in the end is what kept me going, knowing that if she managed to live through that tragic period, I could do it.

If a diary could make such a big difference in my life, it means that whatever opinion I have might be a life-changer to someone. Whatever argument I have deserves to be heard. So this is me making a blog to break myself from the chains of silence and pour my heart out to you, the unlucky stranger. So here goes, This Is Me…..